Departments In Our Hospital


Our hospital has a full fledged gynecology department which is designed to offer the best functionalities and treatment for patients. Our hospital is equipped with the best facilities and highest quality medical equipment which acts cohesively to provide quality treatment and patient care at all levels. Every aspect of our hospitals operation is designed to maximize patient satisfaction and enhance the quality of treatment on all fronts.

We understand the importance and value of children and provide a complete suite of infertility services which cater to the needs of various patients who have diverse problems. With world renowned specialists who are highly trained and qualified to provide the highest standards of treatment for all types of patients.

We have the best infrastructure for providing gynecology and obstetrics services and have the finest doctors and visiting specialists who provide the best treatment and care. These departments cater to the various needs of our patients which including all types of gynecology disorders including mensuration,reproductive changes and other infections are treated critically. We perform various types of surgeries for conditions like fibriods, Prolapse, and uterine bleeding. Various types of cancer detection tests including pap smears, ultrasound, CT and MRI scans are also performed by Our hospital for our patients.

The doctors at our hospital are highly trained and help patients understand the pros and cons of a particular disease in a simple and effective manner. This builds the confidence level of our patients and makes them more co-operative during the treatment process. Our obstetrics department deals with various conditions which include pre and post natal care and we handle various cases of complex child deliveries including caesarian cases.

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