Mission, Vision & Values

Mission, Vision & Values

Mission :

ICON KRISHI Hospital is established with the singular mission to fulfil this void in the health sector of the state i.e coorporate treatment to the common man. It will be a place where the patient can except reliable and world-class medical care at an affordable price and can except the Doctors to be their proper and genuine health care provider and their true advocate in the healthcare delivery system. Price advantage will be a major selling point. The slogan-the first world treatment at third world prices shall be aptly applicable to this institute. It will try the best to serve to the utmost satisfaction of the patients. We hope that the cost effectiveness shall attract the migrant patients even from metro cities of Andhra Pradesh and other peripheri states loke Odisha,Jharkhand,& West bengal etc. The failure of the Government sector to provide an affordable medical care shall be an added advantage to extend our network. It's utilities, protocol and care pathway will be based on the best treatment models and will ensure the best outcomes for the patients. It will be a hospital that will be kept ready round the clock for treatment of illness. Its existing good will add to its operational credentials.

Vision :

Globally preferred centre of excellence


Customer satisfaction, High quality, Culture of high performance, Integrity & Ethical practices, Innovation and Change